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Envision this beautiful journey together as if we are writing a romance novel about your love story

As the main characters, you express your love for each other, while I capture snapshots of every moment through my camera lens. It’s poetic! 

The time of your life

The Meaning Of Passion and Professionalism

You are not hiring me just to take photos, it because of my educational background, for my years of experience, my bubbly and bold personality, and my professionals. You have put your faith in me, knowing that I am going to take great care of you! 

kind words

 “Paulina is such an incredible spirit to be around. She makes anyone and everyone immediately feel comfortable around her so the photographs she takes automatically come out natural.”

- Shelley O'Connell

"We are both awkward in front of the camera and Paulina made us laugh and feel comfortable from the beginning."

- Veronica M.

"She set my partner and I at ease from the first few shots, and captured some great photos that we will enjoy looking back on in the years to come."

- Shane W.


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Ciao e Benevenuto

Paulina Perrucci is an award-winning photographer whose intent is to create stunning imagery for all types of memories. With a focus on all things weddings, and families, Paulina intends to be there for every moment. Capturing the heart felt moments to last a lifetime. 

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The Physical Proof of Your Love Story

Most importantly, it's your first heirloom as husband and wife. This wedding album, is something that will be saved forever and passed down for generations. I create timeless, customizable albums that perfectly describe your love.

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Frequently Asked Questions elopements & small weddings

How long after shooting will we receive our final images?

I ask for 3-4 months, and 5 during peak seasons of Spring & Fall. If you wish to have your images sooner, you can pay to have them expedited. Just ask about rates and deadline dates. 

Do you ever have a second shooter available in your packages?

Yes! All of my collections offer a second shooter, and some offer an assistant. As much as I wish I could be in many places at once, it's physically impossible. So I have a trusted team of people to help make your wedding day dreams come true is the way to go! 

How far do you travel for destination elopements and small weddings?

Have passport, will travel! My bags are packed and I am ready to shoot your elopement or small wedding. There is no distance too far for me when it comes to traveling to do what I love.  

Do you have a videographer on your team?

I may not have someone specifically on my team, but I have a few of my favorite wedding videographers on my preferred vendor list. As well as many other vendors for you to connect with. Just ask to see my list! 

Do you offer wedding albums or prints?

Absolutely! When you receive your final gallery, you can order prints of many different sizes from my store. Also, I create elegant wedding albums for you to cherish forever. Feel free to ask me about rates for either a linen or leather 30 spread 12x12 heirloom wedding album. 

How far in advance do I need to hire you for my elopement or wedding?

The best time to connect with me is at least eight months to a year in advance. Keep in mind that the best dates in Spring and Fall fill up quickly, so it is always best to get ahead of the game with all of your wedding vendors. 

Do you have a backup photographer if you can't attend our elopement day? 

Yes, I do have people who can step in from the United States. Plus, depending on where you are planning your elopement, there will be photographers I can connect you with as well. 

Do you offer destination engagement photography sessions?

Absolutely! All my collections offer engagements and I love a fun destination engagement sessions.

Do we need to have our location picked ahead of time before booking with you?

Yes, in order to lockdown a date with me, you must have a date secured with a wedding venue. It would break my heart if you hired me before locking down a date with a wedding venue, and I became unavailable for your date. However, if you do lockdown a date with a wedding venue, but need to reschedule, we can always discuss dates. 

What happens if there is bad weather on our elopement day?

It’s always fun shooting in the rain, but with a situation like this, we will watch for windows of time where the weather is better. Meaning, we shoot throughout the day or entire trip. This is fun, because we could be exploring and come across a spectacular location! If we know ahead of time that the weather is bad, then we can reschedule for another available time. If you are open to other locations, we can always reroute our location. There is always a way to shoot around bad weather, it’s just a matter of what you are up for! 

Let's Take This Beautiful Journey Together

I look forward to capturing your natural beauty and uniqueness of being the couple you are.